A donation can achieve a lot!

Donations make us happy - regular donations make us even happier, because they make us even more effective. Thanks to regular donations, we can plan our aid financially and thus provide it on a more long-term and sustainable basis.

Regardless of the amount donated, every cent entrusted to the Calcutta Rescue Foundation flows in full into the projects we support. This is made possible thanks to the voluntary commitment and the coverage of administrative costs by our foundation members.

Make targeted and regular donations to the organizations of your choice and your help will be even greater.


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Calcutta Rescue Foundation

Soodstr. 53
CH 8134 Adliswil
PC: 30-349706-6
IBAN: CH85 0900 0000 3034 9706 6

Medical care

Donate for a patient

  • MDR tuberculosis patient CHF 85/month
  • Chronic myeloid leukemia patients CHF 120/month
  • Leprosy patient CHF 15/month
  • HIV/Aids patient CHF 90/month
  • Insulin for one diabetic CHF 21/month

Educational supply

Donate for a school child

  • Project for the healthy upbringing of children (RCH) CHF 22/month per child
  • Education for school children CHF 30/month per child
  • Education for a boarder CHF 65/month per child

Donate for social work

  • Support for a victim of violence CHF 50/case
  • Workshop for children Empowerment CHF 20.-/seminar
  • Workshop for women empowerment CHF 20.-/seminar


Donate to a program

Information on the individual programs:

* Donations with the PayPal platform are practical, no question. However, PayPal charges fees (~4%) for every transaction. We are currently negotiating for PayPal to reduce or waive this fee for our charity. Thanks to private sponsoring, these expenses are covered by our foundation. This allows us to send 100% of your donation to Kolkata to Calcutta Rescue's projects as usual. Alternatively, you can make your donations by bank transfer free of charge.

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