Since its foundation, healthcare has been at the heart of Calcutta Rescue's activities. The medical program consists primarily of the day clinics and the mobile street medicine team. Our day clinics complement the public medical services by providing diagnosis, treatment and health education for people who cannot afford medication or surgery or who need continuous support due to their illness.

The street medicine program is aimed at people who live on the streets or in slums of Kolkata and have an urgent need for medical care. In contrast to the day clinics, treatment is provided on a mobile basis in the street medicine bus, which regularly visits a group of slum dwellers.

Calcutta Rescue provides free treatment for people with various chronic and acute illnesses and problems such as tuberculosis, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, leprosy, malnutrition, infections and disabilities.

Belgachia Clnic Calcutta Rescue
Photo: CRK

If a sick person needs an operation or special medical treatment, Calcutta Rescue creates the necessary links to local hospitals or private clinics. This enables suitable, high-quality treatment to be provided. The organization also covers the costs. This is sometimes covered by an earmarked donation from a private donor.

In addition to the general medical program, Calcutta Rescue provides a number of specific medical services. As a confidential service provider, Calcutta Rescue works hand in hand with Indian government health programs. Other treatment methods in the clinics include physiotherapy, which can bring significant relief and sometimes even healing.

Photo: © Jacob Roos - In action for Calcutta Rescue

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