When Dr. Jack set up his street clinic for the poorest people of Calcutta, many foreign travelers stopped by. They asked questions and helped him with his work. Impressed by what he achieved with so little money, these volunteers returned to their home towns and set up support groups to help Calcutta Rescue. The Calcutta Rescue Foundation is one of 7 Support Groups (SG). We organize fundraising in German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein and provide information about the projects in Kolkata.

Our projects in Kolkata

Pictures speak louder than words, which is why we are happy to show you the dance video that was created for our projects in 2018. The focus was not on the very serious work and the commitment to the poorest of the poor, but on the people themselves - patients, schoolchildren and employees - with their energy, their perseverance and their extraordinary spirit.

Our foundation

The Calcutta Rescue Foundation in German-speaking Switzerland has the primary goal of promoting and financially supporting the Calcutta Rescue organization in India.

Since its establishment in 2011, the foundation has been organizing fundraising in German-speaking Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The Calcutta Rescue Foundation raises the necessary funds to secure the work on the ground in the various projects in Kolkata. Since 2019, the Calcutta Rescue Foundation has been a member organization of Medicus Mundi Switzerland, a voluntary association of around 50 Swiss organizations active in international health cooperation.

The members of the Board of Trustees work exclusively on a voluntary basis and pay their own expenses or specifically look for donors to support us. This enables us to ensure that your donation reaches Kolkata directly and in full.

The annual financial statements of the Calcutta Rescue Foundation are audited annually by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations in Berne.

The Board of Trustees

Isabelle Hug, involved since 1998, President, responsible for fundraising and finances - accountant - born 1963

Flavia Hug, involved since 1998, Vice-President, responsible for Research & Layout digital media - PhD student in economics - born in 1992

Ursula Gauch, involved since 1998, member of the Board of Trustees, responsible for healthcare - pharmacist, Dr. phil. II, MIH - born 1962

Lea Christen, involved since 2017, member of the Board of Trustees, responsible for Education & Social Work - primary school teacher and sex educator - born 1989

Karin Bettschen, involved since 2017, member of the Board of Trustees, responsible for healthcare and volunteering - nurse/ expert in anesthesia care - born in 1961

Thérèse Hug, involved since 1998, founding member, advisory function - Threat Analyst Officer - born 1987

Saumya Lukose, involved since 2017, member of the Board of Trustees, responsible for healthcare - pediatrician - born 1989

Alessandra Ciullo, involved since 2015, member of the Board of Trustees, responsible for healthcare - qualified physiotherapist - born 1987

Support Groups

The Calcutta Rescue Foundation works in close contact with the other Support Groups (SG) and also directly with the team in Kolkata. In addition, representatives of the Governing Council, the employees and the Support Groups meet once a year for an international meeting. The extended weekend serves to promote an intensive exchange and at the same time to raise important concerns. Decisions can also be made together on site.

The members of the various support groups in Zurich - June 2022. photo: A. Ciullo

In June 2022, the last international meeting took place in Zurich and was organized by the Calcutta Rescue Foundation. More than 40 participants worked for 2 days with a delegation from Kolkata on the future of Calcutta Rescue. The next meetings will take place online in summer 2024 and in Berlin (DE) in May 2025.

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