In addition to health care and education, Calcutta Rescue always strives to ensure a minimum standard of living in the various slums. This includes covering the wider needs of quality of life and health. Many smaller projects have been set up in recent years. These include access to clean drinking water in regions that are heavily polluted by arsenic and the installation of sanitary facilities in the slums.

Improving living standards with new infrastructure

The new fountain in Dakshineswar is decorated with balloons at the inauguration.
Photo: CRK

In spring 2018, people in the Dakshineswar slum were given access to clean drinking water for the first time: Calcutta Rescue had a 30-metre-deep tube well and a 2,000-litre water tank installed.

Calcutta Rescue also worked with the local authorities to provide the people with toilets so that they no longer have to do their business in the open on the adjacent railroad line, which was both dangerous and very unhygienic. Six toilets with taps were installed, much to the delight of the residents of the slum.

The new toilets in Dakshineswar have a proper door and a water flush.
The new toilets in Dakshineswar with water flush and proper door. Photo: CRK

Another slum, Kolkata Station, has now also been supplied with drinking water by Calcutta Rescue.

This is all part of Calcutta Rescue's field of activity, namely to improve living conditions in the slums where the organization provides medical care. These measures help to reduce the burden of disease. They improve people's lives and reduce their need for medical care.

Reports from the standard of living program

In our newsletter we regularly report on our standard of living program. Read the latest reports from our team on site here.

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