Special Cases – Rina (33)

This is an appeal to help and support the treatment of this young woman.

33 years old Rina Roy is a patient of Calcutta Rescue’s Belgachia clinic and is a case of Chronic Kidney Disease – Stage V. She came to the clinic at Calcutta Rescue early March after her father came to know of it from a neighbour who was an ex patient of the clinic.

Rina was doing fine until early 2011, she started suffering from respiratory difficulty and experienced severe swelling of the legs. She also suffers from high blood pressure. She was taken to the local government hospital where a few tests were done which revealed renal failure.

She was on dialysis and in December 2011 she underwent a kidney transplant, her mother being the donor. She is now on support medications. However these medications are very expensive and her family is unable to bear the cost of her treatment. She came to Calcutta Rescue after her father got to know from a neighbour. She has requested Calcutta Rescue if she could be helped with her treatment cost to enable her to continue her treatment which is very important.

Rina and her twelve years old daughter stay with her in – laws at Kestopur, Kolkata. She is a widow having suddenly lost her husband in 2002 in a bike accident. Her in – laws and her parents give her full support and till date have been helping with her treatment. However, they are all finding it highly difficult to bear the treatment cost as they are also of very limited means.

Presently she is o the following medications:

  • Pangraf
  • Mycommune
  • Omnacortil
  • Amlodac
  • Septran
  • Envas
  • Cap. Autins
  • Pan 40

The total cost of her medications is Rs. 12314.25 / month.

Rina stays with her daughter and in – laws in a rented one room house. They have to pay a monthly rent of Rs. 3000/-. With the combined income of her father in law, her father and brothers their total income is Rs. 8000/- per month which is very difficult for them to run the house, maintain her daughter’s education as well as her treatment.

“If I get some help in buying the medicines, even if part of the treatment is supported it will be very helpful to me. I have a small daughter who has lost her father and still unable to understand why God has taken him away. My child needs me. I want to live only for her,” she said softly.