Special Cases – Pushpa (45)


45 years old Pushpa Dutta is a patient of Calcutta Rescue’s Talapark Clinic and is a case of SLE Nephropathy. Systematic Lupus Erythematosus or better known as SLE is a disease of the immune system. It affects the kidneys and can also damage the skin, joints, nervous system and virtually any organ or system in the body.

It was in early 2011 that Pushpa started suffering from severe joint pain, fever, frequent hot flushes and swelling of the body. She went to the local doctor who gave her a few medicines which proved to be futile. She was then sent to R G Kar Hospital, a state medical hospital in Kolkata. Here she did a few tests as well as a kidney biopsy and was diagnosed with SLE. She was immediately put on medications. Her treatment started in October 2011.
Pushpa however was unable to bear the cost of this treatment. She lost her husband very early in life.

Her husband was suffering from liver abscess and was an alcoholic. Being a widow she is the sole earning member of the family. Previously she used to work as a house to house maid, however with her illness she is unable to do much work as she is weak and fatigued all the time. An ex patient of Calcutta Rescue whom she met at the hospital referred her to the Calcutta Rescue clinic.

She came to our clinic in January 2012 and has been receiving medication from us. When she came to our clinic she was suffering from severe weakness, trembling of the body and frequent urination. However now she is feeling much better and stronger too. Her urination is also more controlled now. She also suffers from insomnia.

For her illness Pushpa now requires treatment lifelong to support her health. Presently she is on the following medications:

  • Tab Wysolone 5 mg
  • Tab MMF 500 mg
  • Tab HCQ 200 mg
  • Tab Calcium 500
  • Tab Alprazolan 0.25
  • Tab FS
  • Tab Omeg

The total cost of her medication is Rs. 2545.58/- per month. Pushpa has 3 sons. Two of them are married and live separately with their families. They do not help out at all and have almost severed ties with her. She lives with her younger son who is 24 years old. They live in a one room rented mud house. She has to pay a monthly rent of Rs. 20/-. They do not have any drinking water facility and have to water from a public well a few kilometers away from her house.

Her son does odd jobs and she works in one or two houses as a maid as and when her health permits. Earlier she used to earn a good sum of Rs. 4000 – Rs. 5000 per month however with her failing health she is unable to do much and along with her son’s meager earnings they have a monthly income of Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1500 only.

Her parents are very poor and hardly have anything for themselves so are unable to support her. Her in laws are slightly better off however after the death of her husband they severed all ties with her.

However inspite of all hardships, Pushpa never stops smiling.  “I know what I have will never get cured. I will have to live with it for life so why should I brood over it so much. I want to live my life happily with my son. Hardships will always be there but I have faith in my God. He will help me to face it all with dignity”, she says with a smile.  “My younger son does a lot for me. He himself being so young he takes full care of me. I want to be able to give him the support. I want to live for him because that is what he wants”, she added lovingly.

Your support is required to help this young mother and son.