Special Cases – Javed (7)

This is an urgent appeal for supporting the treatment of this little boy 7 years old Javed Akhtar is a patient of Calcutta Rescue’s Talapark Clinic and is a case of Herpesviral (HSV) Encephalitis, a rare but severe viral infection of the human central nervous system.

Towards the end of 2011, little Javed was suffering from fever with occasional vomiting and severe headache. He also used to have occasional seizures. He was taken to the local hospital where he was advised to do a CT Scan of the brain post which he was diagnosed with a tumor of the brain and brain abscess.

Patient was immediately admitted in the hospital and was prescribed with medicines urgently. He was prescribed – Inj. Acyclovir thrice a day for 14 days. However his family is very poor and was unable to bear the cost. Hence the hospital referred them to Calcutta Rescue’s Talapark Clinic. After assessing the boy’s condition the injection was supplied from the CR clinic. Patient was discharged from hospital in December 2011.

The hospital has also advised another MRI Scan of the brain and MRI Scan of the spine. They have prescribed
the following medications for his present treatment –

  • Inj. Vancomycin – thrice a day for 38 days
  • Inj. Cefotaxime – thrice a day for 6 weeks.

The total cost of his treatment is approx. Rs. 30,000/-
Javed is now slowly improving. He is active though feels weak most of the time. He also suffers from neurological weakness of the lower limbs.

He stays with his father Abdul Gaffar, an aged grand mother and his younger brother and sister. He also has two older sisters who are now married. His mother abandoned him and the family a year back to get married married to someone else. She has severed all ties with her husband and children and takes no interest in them. Even when she was told of his sickness she shunned them.

Abdul himself works in a Jute factory and earns around Rs. 230 per day. However since his son’s illness he is unable to to work regularly as he needs to be with his son. He lives in a tiny rented house which is in an extremely dilapidated condition and has a leaky tin roof. Since he was unable to pay for the electric bill their electricity connection has been disconnected. He had taken a loan for his son’s treatment earlier, mainly for all the tests and investigations. He is now struggling to pay back the loan.

“I am scared for my son. I pray that he recovers as it pains me to see him in this condition. I will be very grateful if he receives help for his treatment. Only I know how difficult it is to cope in this condition all alone without his mother. From the time he has fallen sick he only pines for his mother”, says his father with tear filled eyes.

This is our earnest request to kindly come forward and support the treatment of this young child and give hope to the father.